This post is for my kids.  I took pics of their school, Edgewood and the two homes we lived in when I was in Selma last August.  I had totally forgotten about getting these.  Sorry kiddoes!  And I forgot to get a picture of Bird School, how lame is that?

Here is Edgewood:

Here is the house we lived in when the kids came to live with us.  We ended up moving because it was LITERALLY falling apart around us.  An indoor shutter fell on John and Meg, the gas lamp almost took Meg out when it fell and a myriad of other little problems:
That house had a dirt track in the backyard that the kids loved.  We had some friends that had a little car, what do they call them?  I cannot for the life of me remember!  Anyway, oh, yeah!  A Go Kart!  Anyway, it was fun.

The next pics are of the house at 810 Young St where they spent several years with us.  This house was a bit better though we found out that the siding was covering severe termite damage.  But it was a good house nonetheless.  Lots of memories here.
If you look closely, on the left you can see a divet in the yard.  That is where we had a pond.

And this last pic if for my siblings, mostly my oldest sis.  This is the house our Grandparents moved to when they moved from Oklahoma to Selma.
I will be updating my blog with pics from the last year in the next few days so check back often!