Every year previous to this one, Shela would help arrange and coordinate Trunk or Treat.  This year, of course, that couldn't happen.  But I think she would be proud of us.  We had more people than ever before show up both to help out and to play.  Connie, Sue and everyone pitched in and Connie coordinated the games, Sue the food and EVERYONE in the church participated.  It was a grand time and I really think the community outreach was majorly successful.  We even had horse and pony rides.  It was an awesome time.  We missed you, Shela!

This is C.J. and Yolanda.  A new young couple in our church.  They are very helpful and a wonderful addition to our church.

This is Dorie, attempting to mount behind Jim.  LOL  With a little help from Wanda, she made it!

Sue and A.J.  Love 'em!

This is a Frost Sculpture that CJ made for Yolanda.  Essentially, it is refrigeration tubing in the shape of a dolphin.  Beautiful!

Connie P!  The coordinator and game minder!
Jim, one of our Pastors.
Jessica, my daughter.  Who is pregnant and should NOT have been up there!
And this is our special Emma!  She is a great kid.  The kids take up the Missionary offering every Sunday and she would, when a bit younger, take all the dollar bills out of the can because they were not money!
Miss Priss, Lindzy. She is such a princess!
Cassi the clown, Ken and Glinda.
Dad, manning the bowling alley.  I like this pic of him!
Kamryn and Kane
Kylie and a precious little one.
Emma getting her clown face on!
Kelly and one of our attendees with Buddy the Shetland Pony!
Jessa again.
Angel, one of ours.
Chloe, the fairy with attitude!  LOL
 Malinda, Angel and Chloe's mom.

Wilma, Nana Mae and Kamryn
Mandra, another one of ours.  She has all the makings to be a mean girl, thin, gorgeous, lots of friends.  And she is the sweetest, most down to earth little one you would ever meet!