...and all is going swimmingly. My first class on Monday's and Wednesday's is an English class, go figure, and it is taught by Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is a great fellow and he had a stroke in January of last year, just at the beginning of a Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemingway class I had with him. He is doing well now, but I am still a bit on the leery side. Strokes are so random, but it seems like once it has happened once to someone, it often can and does happen again. I do love his teaching style though and cannot wait to learn more from him.

My second class on MW is a Photoshop I class with a Glenn Godsey. I thought going in to it that we would learn photo manipulation but learned yesterday that that is not the case. He will be teaching design and rendering and we do not even use photo's until the end of the semester. I am still not sure I should keep the class though I think it will be interesting.

On Tuesday's and Thursday's, my first class is yet another English class with Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor is rather dry, but still interesting. He filled in around the edges with Dr. Watsons class in the spring, and I think it will be interesting to learn from him. His class is 19th century AmLit.

And finally, the class I have been waiting for, Photography II with Glenn Davis. Mr. Davis taught Photography I in the fall of 2008 and he is an excellent instructor. I had trouble with his tests, as I am not wordy enough. I guess I will try harder this time to be more wordy. I cannot wait to see what we work on this semester. Should be interesting.

And to top the new semester beginnings off, I am sick. I feel like crap and last night was running a 101 fever and generally nauseous. Hopefully this will pass quickly so I can be in top form soon.

Have a great day!