Renae, Dad and Randell. They really had a good time visiting.
Randell has been remodeling their home, these pics are of the rooms he has done so far. The kitchen looks great as does the Living room. They are doing all of the work themselves. Great job!
Trish did the paint job. I love it and wish I could do this in our house. Who knows, maybe i will!

Trish, Faith and Pressley, these are her granddaughters.
Trish and Faith.
A picture of their yard in back. Is this not relaxing? I could have looked at it forever!
Christopher, one of Trish's sons.
This is Christopher's wife, I think her name was Tiff but not sure. She is holding Pressley.
Another view of their yard, this one is the front yard.

And one great picture of Dad. I think I like this one best. It just looks like him!

We had a great day though it was very hot and humid. The kids popped fireworks, with the help of the big kids...You know, the men! Randell cooked and we ate yummy food and just relaxed! Thanks!