Last Tuesday I had a bad, bad, bad reaction to the flu shot, and this Tuesday I had an allergic reaction to orange juice in a cake that I did not know had it. So next Tuesday I am thinking I will stay in bed! rofl

School is going fine, and Dad is doing well. Not much going on here but school, toastmasters and church.

If you have a problem or fear with speaking, you should really think about finding a Toastmasters Club near you. It is an awesome club and they help develop leadership and speaking skills in their members. I cannot say enough good stuff about them! We JUST got chartered and it feels great!

We also need some prayers. Jim and C'Cie, my pastors, son was beat to within an inch of his life and had to have brain surgery last night. So far he is doing well despite having brain surgery and having had a seizure this a.m. Please say some prayers for Ryan and for Jim and C'Cie. Thank you!